I thought that it was way past time to create my own blog. This is no easy task, considering that i am a definite technophobic!!!

My children (and theirs) introduced me to the wonderful world of the internet and all that comes with it!! First google, then ebay, internet groups and blogs!! I have met so many wonderful, charming people that i now call friend. Please bear with me while i blunder and bluff my way through this, until i find my way. Which is how i have survived most of the daunting situations that i have landed myself in!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little R and R...

A little rest.. now some restoration.....
A lot has happened since i was here last... I have recovered nicely from my surgery, had a much needed rest and best of all I am now a great grandmother.. His name is Bailey Maxwell Jones and he will be much loved and smothered by hugs and kisses by all, in this huge loony family...
I might not have blogged, but I have kept up to date with all thats been happening in blogland... I have also kept my finger on the pulse on ebay! OOPS no,,, that was the buy button! .. hehe... seriously... I have added some more pieces to fill some of my houses. Some were a bargain, some I just couldn't live without..
The Lines DH/D is coming along nicely. Some of you will remember it from the post  fate... and fancy...
This was before the new paintwork was antiqued and distressed...
and before the shutters were added.
The shutters I copied from an original.
Window bay and front door with its original lion doorknocker.
The ring was missing so this one was from a piece of jewellry.
It's only 2 rooms but it looks very cosy when it's filled..
The pink wallpaper I bought from america..
This wallpaper came from england.. thanks Lizzie.
I decided to use vintage wallpapers that are of the same vintage as the house. I did consider using replica triang papers, but as I had these in my collection, it was an easy decision.. I must say I am happy with the end result.. now for curtains and furnishings, thats next time!!

Real glass in the windows and suitably distressed..
now just waiting for occupants...
It's so nice to be back talking to you.. I don't know why I put it off for so long... well my coffee's getting cold and the garden is calling, but I'll be back soon! promise ..

Lots of Love
Christine  x


  1. Hi Christine! Welcome back! Glad to hear all is well and welcome to that new great grandson!!
    I like the progress you have made.... that wallpaper from America looks awfully familiar..... hmmm.... I think it's the same pattern that has been on the walls of bedrooms in my last two old houses!! It was obviously a very popular pattern!

  2. hi betsy, wow.. was this wallpaper in your real size house? i bought a whole roll... so there's plenty to play with... bailey is a little beauty, thank you :)

  3. Congratulations for little Bailey :)
    I love the shape of this house and you have done such a wonderful job restoring yours! It's lovely to see you posting again. :)

  4. your new little house is very nice, I already love it. It would be a nice home for a Grecon family, wouldn't it?

  5. Christine your blog is a delight. I laughed while reading what you have under your banner. So cute as you 'bluff your way through'.I feel like that now even after blogging over two years.lol!
    I had to come by and tell you what your comment meant to me. It was a gift to my heart!

  6. Hello I just wanted to thank you for the lovely words you left for me the other day! And to wish you congratulations on the birth of Bailey, what a nice name.

  7. silly blogger... i haven't been able to post anything on here to thank you for all your lovely comments.. so thank you my lovelies.. i hope this doesn't disappear into the ether..
    christine xxx

  8. Thank you for your blog comment! Love this house, and my wallpaper looks fab in it! Lizzie x

  9. I love the wallpaper too! I have been wondering if it is OK to change the original paper in my Triang #62. Whether it adds value or not, it sure looks better to me! Nice job!

  10. I notice that it is difficult to post comments on the individual photos like you can do in Facebook. Is there a way to do it that I am not seeing? I have the same problem with my Blog. I'm pretty new to blogging too!

  11. Lucky you too! I have always liked this house :)