I thought that it was way past time to create my own blog. This is no easy task, considering that i am a definite technophobic!!!

My children (and theirs) introduced me to the wonderful world of the internet and all that comes with it!! First google, then ebay, internet groups and blogs!! I have met so many wonderful, charming people that i now call friend. Please bear with me while i blunder and bluff my way through this, until i find my way. Which is how i have survived most of the daunting situations that i have landed myself in!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Afternoon Delight.....

here she is!! complete with windows
This little beauty is the Triang 60!  A joy to own! The size of this little house makes it easy to display. It can sit nicely on a small table or languish amongst other collectibles on a sideboard or dresser... A big difference to the Triang Stockbroker, which practically needs a room of its own!  I got an enormous amount of pleasure from restoring this house.... For some unknown reason, when a house finally finds its way to me, it really needs some work to bring it back to life. That is probably a good thing as i wouldn't feel right about damaging or ignoring any original features, that a house might have....  This particular house had been painted over with an off-white colour, the roof had strips added and was painted dark grey. Windows were missing, and inside had been painted with grey/green gloss..  So began the tedious, time consuming job of scraping back (this took a bit longer than an afternoon) to se what, if anything, remained of the original features.... Delight!!  a lovely butter yellow was the original colour! The flower splotches on the front were visible and joy of joys, the Triang label was intact, on the back, beneath the top layer of paint....  More scrounging around in the shed and i found some old ply to replace the timbering on the front and a small piece of pine to make the bench seat that is normally in the porch area.  Some more vintage windows were sourced from the UK and bought via ebay... I think a family of grecons have their eyes on this place, they will soon call it home!!!
click on image to see what a mess this was!
flower splotches revealed!!!
triang label, yaay!!!
trial run with some bits inside....
still looks a little plain, needs timbering and windows...
                Greetings to all new followers!!! I can't believe that i am actually getting followers..
                Please know that i am very happy about this and i keep checking all the time , just
                 in case i'm  dreaming !!!
                 I know, i'm an idiot !!!
                  Have a great week!!!    Christine  xxx