I thought that it was way past time to create my own blog. This is no easy task, considering that i am a definite technophobic!!!

My children (and theirs) introduced me to the wonderful world of the internet and all that comes with it!! First google, then ebay, internet groups and blogs!! I have met so many wonderful, charming people that i now call friend. Please bear with me while i blunder and bluff my way through this, until i find my way. Which is how i have survived most of the daunting situations that i have landed myself in!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

bigger isn't always better...

almost done..
Gottschalk dolls houses are some of the loveliest and most collectable of all .. especially the blue roof types.  It is most unlikely that I would find one here to buy, or, be able to afford it if one did arise, so I decided to make one and have almost finished my own version.
A lovely collector named Charlotte who is a member of a group that I belong to, gave me permission to use her acquisition of a tiny blue roof Gottschalk, as inspiration to build my own.
old pine used for project..
coming together nicely..
getting the attachments organised...
My compulsion to salvage old cupboards and drawers for their timber has paid off again! Some lovely old distressed pine and some odd bits were quickly found for the job at hand....
some fiddling around..
getting there!!
suitable papers..
The step by step photo's show that this was a fairly detailed exercise, it took some time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.. It was fun to try and match shapes and colours and replicate wallpapers to give a similar feel to the original dolls house.    
in the gottschalk style..
It's a sweet little house and mine has turned out better than I  had expected. Of course I will label mine as a reproduction and made by me, so that there is no doubt and cannot be confused as an original sometime in the future.
it's almost done, I am working on the ageing and distressing process (the dolls house! not me!) and that should finish it!  What's that saying? "waiting for paint to dry!"  Well not me! I'm way too impatient... too excited!!
My next post will have photo's of the finished house and if I go through my stash, with a little luck it might even be furnished! So a big thank you to Dottie Lottie for sharing her little house and letting me have lots of fun building my little cutie!
I'm off to do a touch test on my paint job!
Catcha later!!
love Christine xx