I thought that it was way past time to create my own blog. This is no easy task, considering that i am a definite technophobic!!!

My children (and theirs) introduced me to the wonderful world of the internet and all that comes with it!! First google, then ebay, internet groups and blogs!! I have met so many wonderful, charming people that i now call friend. Please bear with me while i blunder and bluff my way through this, until i find my way. Which is how i have survived most of the daunting situations that i have landed myself in!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

love and loss....

joy to the world

beginning to decorate 
 The xmas tree is up!!!  Well it was, until i got a little bit greedy and tried to put more decoration on it than the poor little tree could handle! Each year i try to decorate it differently than the previous year.  This year it's a little bit shabby, with lots of vintage jewellery and some quirky bits that i have had lying around the house... I gathered up roses, crystals, old crocheted gloves, braid from my sewing box even a pincushion. There are earings, bracelets and pearls... lots of vintage bling... It got so heavy that it began to lean. then the poor thing collapsed under the weight.... it looked gorgeous for a minute or two....

before a lot of bling was added

almost there
My daughters thought this quite hilarious as we are all playing with our trees, trying to get them just right. There is a little bit of competition happening and i'm now running last,with this mishap.. its all great fun and the end result being some very creative trees!
Xmas in our family has always been a time of great joy and excitement. its a wonderful time to gather together and celebrate our love for each other. There is the ritual of feasting and sharing of gifts,  much fun and hilarity, teasing and laughter, sometimes tears but always the knowledge, that we are very lucky, as a family, to have each other.

There is another generation emerging, now, having fun, living life and learning the traditions of  family... my greatest achievement will be realized if they can live their lives with love, respect and compassion..  i need to say that i am very proud to be the matriarch ( its a role that i cherish,) of this boisterous lot, and am enjoying watching as each special individual finds their place in our lives.. i love you all...

Aangel up above..dd caption
stunning vintage shellcraft doll..Add caption

gorgeous vintage jewellery, but the weight was too much to bear...Add caption
In the midst of all this love and emotion that i am feeling for my family, comes the intense feeling of pain and loss.. My very beautiful pekingese, Toddy, passed away recently.. He was the centre of my existence and the pain of his loss, devastating... i know from experience that time will heal the gaping hole in my heart, but for now, knowledge doesn't ease that pain..  Life is different now..  he isn't waiting for me when i come home, he isn't there when i turn around, but i can still smell him, still hear his breathing in the other room... He is resting, in the garden, with his toy piggy.  RIP my darling boy..xxx
I am still working on the Lines house that i bought a little while back..I will post piccy's soon, its starting to look as it should or as it would have... still haven't decided about the wallpaper!
I am going now to put some twinkling lights over the front door!!  hug your loved ones  Christine xxx


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Christine. Our pets take an important piece of our hearts... but they leave us earlier than we wish.
    Your tree looks beautiful with all its bling! I am just putting up my real trees... and have the same problem you do with your tiny one! Lol!

  2. thank you betsy...
    my tree will be an ongoing project as i find bits and pieces to adorn it...
    i am also going to attach it to the wall so it doesn't swoon again! my house is old and lined with boards so i can put screws and nails where ever i feel the need..
    i love the smell of real trees and yes they topple too..... hehe xx

  3. Hi Christine, I am so sorry to hear about Toddy. It is hard to imagine the hole a much loved pet leaves in your life when it is no longer there until you have been through it.
    I hope the pain passes and happier remembrances fill the space.

    Your tree looks gorgeous! Master 14 is in charge of decorating ours and it rather lacks any artistic value. :~D

  4. This is a very moving and heartfelt post, Christine :). I too just lost my 17 year old tabby , Xerxes this year :(. But departure is inevitable and one day, I will go too so we live our life to the fullest, yes? :):)

    I love all your shabby ornaments. They are very unique :). I always find matriarchs o powerful and fascinating :). Can I be your friend ? May I have your autograph ? ;p

  5. yes sans, i think that we need to make every minute count!
    you are my friend.. do you mean on facebook? i'm not sure what you mean, when you say autograph? :))

  6. hi christine, thank you for your kind words..
    14 is a wonderful age.. they can do anything, so decorating a tree should be a breeze?? :))

  7. I don't know Sans, so could be wrong but I rather suspect she is teasing you (nicely) about your matriarch status and we all love to rub shoulders with important people. :)

    I just got a parcel from Bethlehem - an Etsy purchase and am longing to show it off! I think you would like it as well. :)


    It is so much more beautiful in real life!

  8. Haha Christine, it was a joke, cos to me a matriarch is almost royalty :):) and you are one. So I was just pulling you leg about the friend and autograph.. hehe , sorry for the confusion.

  9. sans; lucky christine was awake! i am a little bit slow lately.. :)
    christine; lovely... will you display it alone or maybe make a rustic manger...

  10. Hi Christine, thank you for your blog comment, I thought Nicole Kidman was amazing in The Others, such a spooky film! Lizzie x

  11. Very sorry to hear about Toddy. CM

  12. Oh! I'm so sorry, it's a horrible time when we loose our pet. My heart goes out to you, I know only to well of the heart-wringing pain being without them brings, we lost two of our old friends this year, it's so painful.

    At least you and your family sound like you have had alot of laughter and love in spite of..

    Sending you best wishes for a Happier New Year.


  13. Me again Christine! Just popping back to say thank you for visiting and that I've left you a little reply on my comments page!