I thought that it was way past time to create my own blog. This is no easy task, considering that i am a definite technophobic!!!

My children (and theirs) introduced me to the wonderful world of the internet and all that comes with it!! First google, then ebay, internet groups and blogs!! I have met so many wonderful, charming people that i now call friend. Please bear with me while i blunder and bluff my way through this, until i find my way. Which is how i have survived most of the daunting situations that i have landed myself in!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet dreams are made of this.....

A few months ago i started a mini patchwork quilt.. its still not finished.  I used small floral prints and a plain background. Grandmothers flower garden is the design that i chose. Appropriate, i felt, as i am a grandmother and i love my garden... While browsing through blogs that i follow, i noticed that Christine from Hollyhock Cottage had stitched a beauty for her lovely iron bed! its really lovely and this set me to thinking of all the quilts that i have made, over the years.... many have gone, as they wear,  i usually cut them up for whichever dog or cat we have at the time. (my babies need cosy beds as well!)
this one is a favourite 'wedding bands'...
this one is called 'monkey wrench' 
the name of this one escapes me,  i love the way it turns...

this is the quilt that i stitched over 30 years ago...

i believe this one is called dresden plate...

this one on the bed is a commercially made throw..
sweet dreams are made of this...  who am i to disagree..
everybody's looking for something.....
I still have one that i made over 30 years ago. These are all full size and were made by traditional method of paper template piecing and most are hand quilted. A tried and true method that has been passed down for generations! These quilts are in constant use in our home and there is some fading, but this adds to the shabby feeling thats popular just now...  now that i have shown you these, i'm feeling a little guilty for not finishing the mini quilt that i started months ago  :(    there really is no excuse, except that i have so many things on the go and i will have to get stuck in and finish at least some of the projects that i have begun!! I have a few more lovely followers and i adore checking out all your blogs and seeing what you are up to... so many talented people in blog land!
I think i need a lay down with a good book!!  sweet dreams   Christine xxx


  1. Lovely quilts Christine and many hours of work. I would love to see your mini version.

  2. Your quilts are just gorgeous! I too look forward to seeing your mini when it is finished. :~)

  3. thank you Margaret, i wish it was finished too! its a pain, thats why i lost interest!usually i'm ok with tedious jobs, this one will have to wait til i can get my head around it... :)

  4. thanks Christine, it was your quilt that made me think about showing these.. i think i might have lost interest because i would have liked it more if it was a bit smaller in scale... maybe i need to use a finer fabric.. aagh... i am my own worst enemy... :)

  5. I found older hankies to be a beautiful scale for patchwork - not the pattern so much but the weave. I started one a year ago from good quality patchwork scraps and the fabric just seemed a bit coarse for 1:12 scale so, like you, I lost interest. Now I don't mind it having had breathing space, so maybe yours will be the same?

  6. Just another comment after sitting here drooling...Is the unnamed one 'Drunkards Path' or 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul'? Both names pop to mind when I look at it.

  7. aha, drunkards path... thats why i like the turns that it takes .. do you know i wouldn't have remembered without a jolt!!! it could well be both, a lot of the patterns have multiple names, depending on where they were made, much like plant names... i think i will start another dh quilt using finer fabric.i have some hankies, but i might look for some with floral borders to get a variety. mmm...

  8. These are amazing heirloom pieces :). I really like them :).

  9. thank you Sans. i hope that if anyone wants to make something similar or mini version, please feel free to save or copy.. it would be a compliment. i forgot to mention this on the blog. :)

  10. Wow, I would love to be on your gift list! Some of the patterns I remember from my childhood, but others I don't. Maybe they're new.

  11. snowbrush; thanks... they are all old traditional designs. there are so many, and lots are specific to certain regions and some patterns have different names in different regions!! all a little confusing.. :)

  12. Wow so many lovely quilts!! I came over here from facebook and Bea :)

    Greetings from Germany, Nicola